Welcome travelers! The idea of Time Travel Adventures came to me when I realized that my love of history could now be shared easily through the use of a simple mobile friendly platform like this one. As I was discovering the rich history of my new town, Niagara-on-the-Lake, it became evident that this beautiful travel destination had a lot to offer not only in present times, but in its remarkable past as well.

You will find below the first of a series of Time Travel Adventures. Have you seen Brock’s Hat? takes you back to the beginnings of the town, specifically in 1812. Don’t be afraid to turn your device around to have a better look at all the visual support included in the tour. Simply follow the instructions and walk your way through history!

Have you seen Brock’s Hat?

A 90 minutes walking tour around 1812 Niagara

Revived painting of Sir Isaac Brock, by Brian Deines, 1988, Brock University’s collection of Fine Art


Welcome to Niagara-on-the-Lake! My name is David and I will be your Time Travelling Tour Guide today. During this tour, we will go back and forward in time mostly between now and June 18th 1812. General Isaac Brock’s previous week was quite eventful. He had a lot on his mind as the situation was heating up on both sides of the Niagara River between the United States of America and the Province of Upper Canada.  The subtle tension in the air made him realize that the new general officer’s hat he had ordered for himself a few weeks back directly from England had not arrived in town yet…or maybe it was simply delivered to the wrong place?

Let’s go back in time and walk along with General Brock through 1812 Niagara as he visits some of the key places where it could have been delivered by mistake.